No to Sales Tax on Services in Utah - NO HB441

No to Sales Tax on Services in Utah - NO HB441

March 7, 2019
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Started by Utah Tax Reform Coalition

NO on HB441

This bill represents major changes to our entire state system of taxation.  It was introduce less than two weeks before the end of the session.  Few industry experts were given the opportunity to weigh in let alone the voters and tax payers.  

We just need more time.  There are no amendments that can make this bill work.  Let's pause, talk about it during the interim and then work on proposals for fair and well-managed tax reform for a modern economy.  

All we ask is time to get this right.  You, in the Legislature, do not have time and we, as voters and tax payers, do not have time.  

If you vote for it we will have to rightly call you on the fact that you are playing the "well, we have to pass the bill to read it" kind of governing.  Across the aisle that is not how we do business in Utah.  

Slow down, kill this bill this session, let's keep talking and let's get this right! 

Vote NO on HB441 because: 

Sales taxes on services needs to be very carefully studied and we need to talk about it.  It's a major change that is not appropriate for a few people (really, a half dozen?) do decide.  There are so few who have really looked hard at this issue. 

It's a TAX INCREASE.  Even if it is net-neutral we need to look hard at how that affects the poor, small business, micro business, education and others to make sure we can live with that shift.  It's too big for just your opinion, we need a chance to weigh in as voters and tax payers. 

It threatens jobs.  Regulation kills jobs and this is a huge change for micro, small and medium-sized business.  

It threatens to WEAKEN the BASE.  We need time to determine that this policy doesn't put us on unequal footing causing businesses to leave, travel and tourism to drop and individuals to net-out-migrate. Maybe that won't be an issue but we need data on that! 

There's a tax in this bill for health insurance for heaven's sake!  How's that Ivory Tower view?  We're dying under those premiums, what are you thinking? 

There are 3 NEW TAXES created by this bill. 

The tax code is brand new for this sales tax and it will be an albatross.  We also have no plan for the big government increase that this surely will cause.  Estimates are that sales tax filings will go from 9,000 per year to over 45,000 per year!  We could adjust to that if we want it but we need time or we will all suffer with agencies behind and under pressure. 

No town halls.  None.  To date not a single one has taken place in anticipation of this enormous change!  

There are many other concerns but, we're demanding, slow this down.  Send the bill to the trash this session and let's talk in the interim.  


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Signatures: 599Next Goal: 1,000
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