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Speak Out Against Anti-Woman, Anti-Child, Anti-Health Budget Cuts

At this very moment, anti-choice lawmakers are negotiating away the rights of women and children in an attempt to “balance the budget.” 

But we know the truth: This reckless bill proposes slashing federal spending on Title X, WIC, and Head Start, but it won’t even dent the deficit -- the cuts merely destroy programs the right wing hates. 

Congress has avoided a showdown over shutting down the government by enacting a two-week extension. But two weeks will go by in the blink of an eye, and lawmakers are meeting now in back rooms to hammer out their next deal on the budget. 

All of us need to speak up and speak out against the blatantly anti-woman, anti-child, anti-health attacks being considered.

Urge your members of Congress to reject these irresponsible funding cuts targeting poor women, pregnant women, children and infants. Take action now to show support for these critical programs.


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U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
I'm writing to ask that you vocally oppose funding cuts contained in H.R. 1 that target vital programs providing health services to poor women, pregnant women, children, and infants.

I urge you to oppose the egregious cuts in the House-passed continuing resolution eliminating funds for Title X, the federal family planning program for low-income women that provides birth control, breast and cervical cancer screenings, and testing for H.I.V. and other sexually transmitted diseases. The bill also defunds Planned Parenthood despite its critical role in providing much needed contraception, health and cancer screenings, and other important services to millions of low-income women and families.

Adding insult to injury, the bill also slashes international family planning funds, and would re-instate the harmful Global Gag Rule, barring support of organizations overseas that provide support for abortion services with separate funding.

The House bill also includes cuts to the Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, better known as WIC, which serves 9.6 million low-income women, new mothers, and infants each month, and has been linked to higher birth weight and lower infant mortality. The House bill also removes $50 million from the block grant programs that provide prenatal care to 2.5 million low-income women and healthcare to 31 million children annually.

It’s clear that Congress has nothing but contempt for the needs of women, children and families. These cuts are reckless and would eliminate vital services, the cutting of which does almost nothing to “balance the budget.” I urge you to reject this bill and work quickly to come to an agreement that protects the rights of women, children, and infants.

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