We want Spark Museum + Play Cafe to refund their members any unused membership fees.

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Spark Museum + Play Cafe located at Space 142 in Lincoln Square Mall (201 Lincoln Square, Urbana, IL 61801) closed without notice on March 22, 2018. No notice has been sent to the members explaining that the museum has closed. Members are finding out by showing up and seeing a sign "This location is closed." Some of the members purchased a 12-month membership just few weeks before the location closed. They have paid months in advance for memberships and have not been notified of the closing. More importantly, they have not been offered a refund for their prepaid fees. 

The Lincoln Square once announced regarding Spark Museum + Play Cafe (the following information is given without changes):
"Sonya Darter, Executive Director, 
sparkmuseumcafe@gmail.com, (217) 721.8162
Megan Gillette, Associate Director, 
megan@lumen.events, (217) 649.8999"
On April 13, in email, Ms. Gillette disproved the relationship with the Spark since September 2017.

There are just few of the comments describing the disappointment with the provider:
"Will you refund the annual memberships you sold? I purchased it a month ago and I have used it just once!"
"We only had our membership for two weeks before they closed. Basically wasted 80.00 bucks, and surely they knew at that point they'd be closing."
"I also recently purchased a membership. I’ve reached out to them on Facebook messenger. They have read both of my messages but have not replied at all. ..."

Members are requesting that Spark Museum + Play Cafe reimburse their unused membership fees. 7 of the members agreed to work together to get reimbursed their unused fees. These members all expressed genuine sorrow that the local business they had supported and loved had closed its doors. Please show your support for the members of the Spark Museum + Play Cafe by signing this petition.