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Change the dress code at South Spencer High School

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Females are being taught that it is okay for boys to treat them like sex objects. They are being forced to change how they dress because boys can't control themselves or change their way of thinking.

I am a ninth grader at South Spencer High School and I have noticed that the dress code only applies to females for the most part. There are girls getting in trouble for wearing shirts with the shoulders cut out or for wearing jeans with holes in them. I don't know if they were provided with an explanation on why their clothing was inappropriate.

I started getting dress coded around 4th grade. I remember a time in 4th grade I was pulled out of lunch and into a room by a teacher's aide. She informed me that I need to start wearing tank tops underneath my shirts because what I was wearing was a distraction to boys. I didn't wear anything that was low enough to show anything. As I moved from elementary school to middle school I started getting in trouble even more for my clothing. My shirts were always 'too low' or my dresses and skirts were too short. I remember vividly that my sixth-grade science teacher stopped me in the hallway and told me that I was dressing skanky. That day I was wearing a purple V-neck, skinny jeans, and converse. In seventh grade, I got in trouble for my clothing too many times to count. Moving into eighth grade, I remember getting in trouble for wearing a sleeveless shirt. My shoulders were not even exposed and I was forced to put my flannel on.

Females should not have to cover up their body or be taught to be ashamed of their body just because males can not control themselves. What's so sexual about a females shoulders or legs? Girls get pulled out of class for breaking the dress code; they take the females away from their education because their clothing is a distraction to the boys. Is the boy's education more important than the females? Females should be able to wear whatever they want and not be told their clothing or body is a distraction to boys.

Some people might say that boys have hormones and need to act upon them. If a female does not want that type of attention from the guy; he should not act upon it and sexually harass her. Just because someone is wearing something and someone else gets the wrong idea from it does not mean they need to act upon that idea. Imagine if someone tackled a football player when he was wearing his jersey and said 'look how he's dressed, he's asking for it.' just, because a female is wearing revealing clothing, does not mean she is asking to be raped or sexually harassed.

All I'm trying to say is that the dress code needs to be revised and made less strict for the females. If you're concerned about someone possibly getting sexually harassed then start having assemblies and teaching people that it is not okay. Sexual harassment is not part of human nature. Instead of publically shaming girls, teach the males not to over sexualize girls normal body parts. School dress codes shame girls and perpetuate rape culture. Things must be changed. I must add that this was not made to single males out. I'm just simply stating that the school's excuse most of the time is that clothing will distract the boys.


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