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Do not include Chick-Fil-A as part of the Student Union dining expansion.


As part of the Student Union expansion, South Dakota State University has tentatively agreed to include a Chick-Fil-A dining facility. This corporation has a history of funding, directly and indirectly, foundations and advocacy groups that exclude, marginalize, and deny the equality of members of the LGBTQ community. Equality Matters has detailed Chick-Fil-A’s advocacy activities in a recent research report (

We are concerned with the lack of public transparency and obfuscation displayed by this corporation in its funding and advocacy practices, and we believe that the values displayed by this corporation in its funding of anti-LGBTQ advocacy groups, which denigrate the LGBTQ community, lie in stark contrast to SDSU’s commitment to build a truly inclusive community in which all are welcome and valued.

We urge the administration at South Dakota State University to stand by the university's commitment to its values of inclusiveness and respect for all members of our university community and reverse the decision to include a Chick-Fil-A dining facility as part of the union expansion.

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