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Rename SBHS to The South Burlington Snowflakes

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Firstly, we applaud the residents of South Burlington, as well as the South Burlington School Board, for their courageous decision to change the racist and offensive Rebel mascot.  We believe that the fight for social justice and equality is forever ongoing, and the changing of this ridiculous and hideous name is a huge step towards achieving our goal.  In fact, this monumental decision by the school board will go down in history as a great moment in the history of South Burlington. It is at this time that we, the residents of South Burlington, would like to loudly declare our desire to replace the rebel mascot with the Snowflake.

Just as mother earth wraps the city of South Burlington every year in her warm, encompassing embrace and covers the community in its entirety, the Snowflake will include and welcome all students in SBHS regardless of your racial background, nationality, religion, economic background, political preference, sexual orientation, gender identity or preferred pronouns.

Just like the Snowflake, every South Burlington student is unique and beautiful.  Growing up as a proud snowflake, our students will develop a strong sense of their own entitlement to success and just how special they truly are. Gone will be the days of our children feeling that they have been left behind by society, because as a snowflake they will always know that they are deserving of our care and protection.

We believe that the South Burlington Snowflakes will be an outstanding new mascot name for the community, fostering inclusive atmospheres and preparing our students for their lives beyond the walls of SBHS.  

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