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Support SBHS Indoor Peer Deliveries

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It has come to the attention of the peer classes of a sudden change in the procedure that will take effect following the conclusion of our next peer meeting. Since the program was introduced, indoor discussions have been an integral and vital part of the peer program. It is our understanding that these indoor discussions will be terminated due to safety issues. The argument against them poses the indoor discussions as unsupervised safety hazards. To put it simply, such a remark against such a distinguished program in SBHS is egregious and absurd in all facets. While we understand and recognize the fears of the administrators, they are unfounded and misguided in their intentions.

For those of you that do not know, peer is a program that runs deep in the bloodline of South Brunswick. For decades it has been the link between the seniors and freshman. Countless friendships and connections have been built over this time, and many lives have been positively impacted. For the freshman, the indoor discussions are a forum for them to express their fears or worries in relation to school or factors outside of the classroom. For the seniors, this is a forum for them to take what they have learned and apply it to the freshman to help them be the best students that they can be. To take away the indoor discussions is essentially robbing these students of a safe environment where they can voice their concerns.

Moving on, the main idea against these indoor discussions is the safety hazard that they post with children being unsupervised. However, this statement is made without any evidence of prior damages to a classroom or harm against a student in peer. We speak for the rest of peer when we say that we treat all classroom equipment that is not ours with the utmost respect and care. As for the freshman, peer is the exact opposite of the argument against them. Peer has continually been a place where kids are safe to place any concern. There has never been an instance in which a freshman of peer has felt unsafe or abused by a peer leader.

We, the Peer classes ask that you re-evaluate your position on this situation using the facts and the impacts of peer. The facts undeniably show that peer has no prior record of safety issues when it pertains to children. The impacts that have resulted from this program are countless to say the least and will continue to rise as long as this program remains in tact. To take it away would be to break the trust that has already been built between the freshman and seniors. Outdoor classes are not enough to build the foundations of peer that we wish to teach to the freshman, and will only handicap a program that has only ever been successful.

The students of the SBHS PEER Program 

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