Freedom to exercise at Will!

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Dictating a 3 hour window for outdoor exercise between 6am and 9am is absurd!  

It defeats the goal of physical/social distancing.  People will be out en masse, and will be endangered by having to walk/run in the road to achieve appropriate distancing during peak hour traffic.  Being unable to avoid people's slipstream could exacerbate the possibility of contracting the virus.  The last thing we want to encourage is people crowding, in order to exercise. It defeats the point!

Creating a short and specific time frame creates a window of opportunity for criminals to target people exercising.

The time frame between 6am to 9am does not allow for essential workers to get their much needed opportunity for exercise.

In Winter it is still dark at 6am in the Western Cape for example.  A perfect time for opportunists to mug and rob people walking or jogging. We already have an upswing in crime to due to desperate people.

We the people of South Africa want the freedom of choice to walk, jog, exercise at a time safe and convenient to each of us!  We do not want the Government dictating the time at which we can do this.  We live in a Democracy and the voice of the people shall be taken into account in decision making!