Remove Bheki Cele as Police Commissioner

Remove Bheki Cele as Police Commissioner

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Started by Gordon Flash

Bheki Cele the South Africa Commissioner of Police wants to criminalise law abiding South Africans by forcing them to part with their ability to defend themselves against criminals with firearms.

The argument he is making is that the threat to society is law abiding citizens that have firearms are a danger to society. He never mentioned that criminals with Firearms are the actual threat and that he has no plans to disarm them whatsoever.


In fact, he wants those South Africans who cannot rely on any other means other than their firearms to protect them against the violent crime wave in this country, to willingly hand over their last line of defence to an institution that has been proved to sell the very firearms you hand over to the very criminals you need protection from.


The consequence if he is allowed to continue upon this path of insanity will result  in either your ability to defend yourself and your family against terrorism being removed and/or you being viewed as a criminal by government.


Sign this petition because we as South Africans demand a commissioner who understands the actual problem and takes reasonable and rational action to solve the problem and not persecute the victims of the South African crime wave.


110,087 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!