Stop the uncontrolled spread of dangerous EMF emissions!

Stop the uncontrolled spread of dangerous EMF emissions!

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National Alliance Against Cell Masts started this petition to South African Minister of Health and

The Time to Act is NOW! We need to get our Department of Health to take note!

To the South African Minister of Health, MECs for Health in the Nine Provinces, and to Muncipal Authorities across the country.

We, the people of South Africa and the world, appeal to you to take into account the severe negative effects of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation when aproving cell masts in communities. People are rightly concerned about the fact that their right to a healthy environment is being ignored. Here are some of the facts:

EMF radiation causes harm

It’s called EMF – electromagnetic frequency – radiation. It is beamed out of cell masts, wifi, cellphones, baby monitors, bluetooth devices, etc. It has raised background EMF levels to unprecedented heights. We are living in an EMF soup. This radiation is like second-hand tobacco smoke – it is harmful even in small doses.

The new cell mast roll-outs in communities are the pollution equivalent of forcing people to smoke. And just as tobacco smoking took time to show the true extent of the health problem, the cell radiation will take time to show just how bad it is as levels are raised through the expansion of networks.

Over time more people will get cancer (world incidence of cancer is rising), others will show debilitation symptoms of intolerance (headaches, muscle pain, memory loss, short attention span, anxiety, suicidal tendencies) because EMF radiation interferes with the functioning of human cells.

EMF radiation causes oxidative stress which in turn damages DNA, causes inflammation and interferes with hormone production. It does this at any level but our bodies have fantastic repair mechanisms which can repair damage unless it passes a certain threshold. For some people that threshold is quite low due to genetics, or existing medical conditions. If a person is prone to any condition connected with inflammation or oxidative stress, EMF will make it much, much worse... anything like headaches, arthritis, tinnitus, muscle pain, sleeplessness, memory loss, anxiety... in fact, any degenerative or chronic condition.

The industry – and therefore government – only recognises the heating effect of EMF radiation, and ignores the biological effects. This is WRONG... people are suffering and what is worse, a lot of people are suffering without realising the cause.

Children will be the worst affected.

Young developing brains are the most vulnerable. Our children are growing up in this EMF soup. Already the instances of childhood leukemia are increasing, but there is also an increase in attention-related disorders, child suicides, headaches, lack of concentration, illnesses related to low immune-resistance. There is a sharp rise world-wide in chronic inflammation-related ailments, even Altzheimers and male infertility. While it is impossible to blame EMF entirely, it is a fact that EMF contributes to our environmental pollution.

Cellular companies are trading on greed and opportunism

The mobile telephony industry is a hugely wealthy and influential lobby. They claim that no studies have shown ill effects of EMF. That is NOT TRUE... there are many studies which indicate the harm being done but they are being ignored. The Geneva Convention forbids experiments on humans that might cause harm, and as a result no human long-terms studies have ever been done. Tellingly, cell companies cannot get insurance against EMF health claims, because insurance companies are convinced that evidence will emerge that EMF is harmful. But cellular companies dangle huge rewards in front of governments and people in order to divert their attention away from the looming health crisis.

The result is that cellular telephony companies are conducting the largest biological experiment on mankind – you are being used as a guinea-pig to increase company profits.

The Science Exists

There are thousands of animal and cell studies that show the harm caused by EMF. A $25-million dollar study undertaken by the US government to ‘prove’ that EMF radiation is harmless, was inconclusive. Hundreds of scientists are going on the record to warn against the dangers of EMF radiation.

The Department of Health is facing an unprecedented health crisis

We appeal to our Department of Health to take note of the world-wide alarm over the uncontrolled rise in EMF radiation. We appeal to the Department of Health to adopt the Precautionary Principle recommended by the World Health Organisation and to listen to the concerns of communities about cell masts.

Bottom line: you can switch off your cellphone, your Bluetooth, your wifi... but you cannot switch off a cell mast located next to or near you. And no-one will buy your property as a family residence because of the fear of constant radiation that is radiating 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


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