Let Us Buy Alcohol Online

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Dear President Ramaphosa, 

First off, we commend your incredible leadership during the unfolding and ever evolving Coronavirus Pandemic. You have been a guiding light for our country, a voice of calm, making decisions logically and methodically, when no option is perfect. We respect you deeply for acting as quickly as you have, and doing your utmost to flatten the curve and save lives. 

We are writing to ask that you re-consider the complete ban on the sale of alcohol, when we believe there is another option that is both responsible and viable. We ask that you consider the sale of alcohol online. The sale of alcohol online: 

  • Allows people to consume alcohol responsibly in their own homes
  • Does not promote the spread of coronavirus; does not require people to leave their homes; does not promote socialising
  • Supports an industry that has been put on complete shutdown during Lockdown, resulting in job loss, and small business closures
  • Can be closely regulated through stringent rules and regulations

From craft beer to big beer, wine farms and distillers to larger conglomerates, this is an industry supporting thousands of South Africans whose jobs are at risk or have already been lost. Not to mention the millions of Rands that the government does not collect when the industry is at a stand still. 

Until such a time as alcohol retailers are able to open for regular trading hours, please consider allowing South Africans buy alcohol online. 

Yours sincerely, 

Ross McCulloch, Jack Black Beer; Kevin Wood, Darling Brew; Eben Uys, Mad Giant Brewing Co; Greg Casey, Afro Caribbean Brewing Co; Derek Szabo, Devil's Peak Brewing Co; Gavin Magrath, Hey Joe Brewing Co; Martin Tucker, The Beer Merchant; Tim Harris, Wesgro; Lucy Corne, The Brewmistress; Brad Armitage, AndUnion Beer; Andy Kung, Cape Brewing Co; David Cope, Publik Wine; Rob Heyns, League of Beers; Tom Riley, Tiny Keg; Basil Androliakos, TipoTinto Rum; Nick Bush, Drifter Brewing Co; Solly Kramer, Norman Goodfellows; Matt Bresler, Steel Cut Spirits; Bernhard Heyns, Gabrielskloof; Peter-Allan Finlayson, Crystallum; David Burford, Stellenbrau; Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela, Brewsterscraft; David Wibberly, Spider Pig Wines; Greg Gillowey and Karl Tessendorf, Beer Country; Craft Brewers Association of South Africa; Wendy & Julian Pienaar, Just Brewing Co; Nick Smith, Soul Barrel Co; Lucy Beard & Leigh Lisk, Hope Distillery