Re-open General Aviation in South Africa

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Get General Aviation and Aviation Technical training back up and Running. ATO's, AMO's and Small AOC's,  GA is on its knees, we have to fight to get open again. We do not carry anywhere near the risks of Commercial Aviation and we do not have the luxury of waiting any longer. 

One person working on or in an aircraft, Zero to Low Risk!! 2 people working in a hangar, Zero to Low Risk!!! One person flying an aircraft, Zero to No Risk!!! 7 people in a taxi!!! Extremely High Risk but allowed but 5 people in a classroom that accommodates more, sitting 2m apart, lowest  Risk!!! One instructor, one student pilot, aircraft sanitized, no shared headsets, circuit and GF training, minimal Risk!!! One-on-one ground briefing, minimal risk!! All machines sanitized between flights, pilots to fly with masks, no more than 1/3 of staff in office with stringent regulations - Low Risk!! GA should be considered one of the lowest risk sectors with minimal restrictions required. But No we are dumped in same catergory as commercial - Extremely High Risk!!! 

Low hour pilots not flying for weeks on end, Aircraft not flying for weeks on end, engineers not up to date with regulatory training - Extremely High Risk!!! 100% income wiped from the books - Unsustainable!!

Mass unemployment imminent!!! 

SACAA, DOT, TETA where are they, anybody heard from them? NOTHING!!! 

So let's make them pay attention. They have to listen, speak to us and canvas for their industry and the stakeholders. GA is not CA, disconnect the two and get us back to work