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Petition to Revoke Lion Skeleton Quota Approved by DEA

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Lions once roamed this Earth as one of the world's most prominent predators. However, due to poaching, canned lion organizations, and many other things, the lion population has dwindled down another 10,000 in the past decade. The canned lion operation depicts a system in which lions born in captivity are raised to become essentially "tour guides" for expeditions ran through the breeding grounds. They are raised to become enslaved and held in less than sufficient sheltering compared to being in the wild or a sanctuary. Once the big cats become full grown they are placed in a "canned" hunt in which hunters will pay a certain amount to place the lions in a confined area to increase the chance they can succeed in killing the animal. These lions that are killed are trophies and will then be sold for their manes and bones especially.

Specifically in South Africa, the DEA just passed a bill to set a quota of 800 lion skeletons to be sold into the Asian market to create fake tiger wine. Despite the mark being set at 800, more could be sold into the market. With these lions going into the canned hunt, they will be mercilessly killed and taken from this earth far to early than God had ever intended and in a completely unfair way from a coward behind a rifle. 

In this link below, the entire situation is described a little more in depth - there are also some other articles links placed inside about the situation. Please take the time to read it, and hopefully it sways you in the favor of the lions. With your help, we can come one step closer to helping the defenseless animals and can keep the beautiful creatures around in our world. The public is not being given a lot of time to dispute this implementation, so please spread anywhere and every where you can. Thank you.

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