Ban Live Export

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The issue that we are addressing is Live Export of animals in Australia. The nature of this problem is that as animals are being shipped across to other countries they are not being treated humanely. The ships they are on are extremely overcrowded and hot which results in the death of many animals. The animals are constantly suffering of starvation, thirst, heat stress, and many die by being trampled. This is a major issue that needs to be addressed.

This issue is a point of concern for Western Australians because our economy relies on the livestock farming industry. But, if we introduce a different way to export meat, that is more humane towards the animals and hygienic and healthy for the people using the meat, it will benefit our economy and in turn will create more jobs. If we do as The Australian Greens are proposing, which is to transition the live sheep export trade to a boxed, chilled meat trade processed locally it will no longer be a major point of concern for the Western Australian government or other global communities.

We hope that the ban on the live export trade will be implemented as soon as possible, but it may take some time to put the frozen meat trade plan into action, as we will need to hire employees and set up the infrastructure needed such as where the meat will be harnessed, where it will be frozen, haulage and shipment. But in summary we hope to get this plan implemented in the next three years at the most.

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