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Soothe Inc cuts their massage therapists' pay!?!?

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Soothe, the on-demand massage app, just CUT their massage therapists pay! Yes you read that correctly. After about 4 years in existence, instead of a raise, Soothe has decided to CUT the massage therapists pay.   Unacceptable.  In my opinion, it's extremely demoralizing, degrading, and insulting.  Why would the CEO make a decision to cut the pay of the people who are doing back-breaking work to bring in the money for his company?  Therapists have been told it's to pay for the advertising.   And now therapists are hearing from clients there is surge pricing for high demand times yet the therapists are not receiving any percentage from it.  

Why aren't you using the money from here (an article from TechCrunch in 2016) to pay for your advertising:  "Soothe, the on-demand massage service, just closed a $35 million Series B round from its pre-existing investors. This brings its total funding to $47.7 million."  Almost $50 MILLION in funding, and that was over a year ago!  What's it up to now? Where is this money going?  Also from this article: "In the last three months, Soothe has seen 23-30 percent growth in month-over-month revenue, the company’s founder and CEO Merlin Kauffman told me about a month ago. He went on to say that Soothe has a lot of runway and that its current investors simply wanted to grow more aggressively."  

23-30 percent growth in month-over-month revenue...over a year ago!  Yet Merlin cuts our pay a year later??  Again, where is this growth going?  And finally, also from this article a year ago: "...Soothe snatched up its other competitor, Unwind Me, for an undisclosed amount."  So you cut your therapists' pay, yet have the money to buy other businesses!?!?  

Massage therapists have to pay for EVERYTHING on their own...massage license, massage insurance, table, lotion, oils, sheets, gas, car insurance, etc.  Soothe pays for NONE of that yet they cut their therapists pay?!  Merlin Kauffman the founder and CEO, should be ashamed of himself.  

He has now introduced Tiers. In the top tier, you need to do 30 massages a month to stay with the original pay or your pay drops.  In Los Angeles, for example, there are perhaps 400 active therapists and maybe up to a total of 800 therapists (numbers vary depending on who you talk to).  That would mean in LA alone, for example, it would require approximately 12,000 appointments (up to 24,000 if everyone is active) every month for all therapists to be in Tier 3.  Has anyone done the math?!  

MASSAGE THERAPISTS should stop taking massage appointments and turn OFF their instant confirm until Soothe recognizes to give hard working therapists a pay cut is just not right and very discouraging and they should reverse this decision.  Massage therapists are worth a heck of a lot more than a pay cut.  MT's spend thousands of dollars going to school specifically for massage.  Want to change this decision, then don't take anymore appointments.  

The massage therapists are angry, hurt, and very frustrated that after working for Soothe, a company they trusted for years, suddenly gets their pay reduced. How is this encouraging to hard working therapists that want to do great work and feel valued?

STAND TOGETHER!!  And please share, share, share...Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, wherever!  With everyone's help, support, and participation, we can make change! :)


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