Prison Reform: Visitors Rights

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On March 19,2017, I attempted to visit my husband at Deep Meadow Correctional Center in State Farm, VA. The Correctional officers told me that the dog alerted a scent on me and I was led in a room for further investigation. The investigator told me that I could either consent to a strip search and still be denied a visit until next week, or if I declined the strip search, my visit could be terminated indefinitely. I consented to the strip search even though I was in the womanly way (which is the scent the dog alerted). I had to remove my sanitary napkin, squat and cough and lift my breast. Only for them to find nothing. My car was searched as well and again, they found NOTHING. I did a live FaceBook video to let people know what happened. Little did I know there were many that had experienced the same treatment. This petition will not only bring further light to the matter but hopefully push our government to make some changes the support our civil rights as civilians.