Towards SONY & their new policies


Towards SONY & their new policies

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Yagy yy started this petition to SONY and

This pedition applies to SONY Interactive Entertainment about anime and fanservice with limit.

The new strategies and policies recently announced by SONY are far from good for their own future.

Games such as SENRAN KAGURA & Omega Labyrinth Z are the epitome of fan service. Games like these have some limitations on what is definitely enough to enjoy them in full-length.
Removing the Intimacy Mode (Diorama feature) in SENRAN KAGURA is a bad idea and you know it.
Sony allows games like "The Witcher" and the like to offer far more fan service. Is anime the reason for it? We do not know it.

Games like "Estival Versus" are available for many years already and now you want to update it? You want to censor future games and remove an important part of the game?

You offend against your own policies which worked well over these years. Do you want to destroy yourself or why are you doing it all?

You disappointed a lot of fans on several occasions, now you do it again.
You ban innocent players for senseless reasons. But if someone acts offensive, you don't do anything.
To the face of your honor, overthink again what you will do in the future if you want to keep your players.

Back to the topic.

All these games have a good limit and do not break any of your laws.
The Playstation is known for asian games and we love the consoles for that. But with your current status, it could fundamentally turn it around.

You want to completely lose your fans to Nintendo and PC?   

I don't think so.

Do something about it!

Keep the games like they are!



Best regards, 

your community


この請願書は ソニー インタラクティブ・エンタテインメントに、アニメやファンサービスについての制限があります。


閃乱カグラやオメガラビリンス Zなどのゲームは、ファンサービスの典型です。このようなゲームには、全身で楽しむのに十分ないくつかの制限があります。閃乱カグラのスキンシップモード(ジオラマ機能)を削除することは悪い考えであり、あなたはそれを知っています。ソニーは「ウィッチャー」などのゲームではるかに多くのファンサービスを提供しています。アニメの理由は?私たちはそれを知りません。

" Estival Versus "のようなゲームは、何年も前から利用可能でした。それを今更新したいと思っていますか?あなたは将来のゲームを検閲し、ゲームの重要な部分を取り除きたいですか?












This petition made change with 11,686 supporters!

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