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SyFy to Make "Lake Placid vs Anaconda" Sequel!

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Lake Placid and Anaconda together have 9 movies; 4 Lake Placids, 4 Anacondas, and 1 crossover. I think I speak for everyone when I say: WE NEED MORE! Sony and SyFy should make a "Lake Placid vs Anaconda 2" as a public serious to inform the word of the dangers of the Black Lake crocodiles in Maine and of genetically modified anacondas. Heck! The last movie ended with some AVP cliffhanger crap suggesting a sequel with Crocondas!
I suggest the title Lake Placid V Anaconda: Dawn of the Croconda
Bring back the cast of the direct-to-video Lake Placid sequels like Yancy Butler and Robert Englund! And the first Lake Placid vs Anaconda really dropped the ball by not bringing back the stars of Anaconda 3, Crystal Allen and David Hasselhoff so let's bring 'em back for this one...
Can't find a director? No problem, I'll make it! I've made educational short for schools, I know that's not the best credentials but considering the last few films in the franchise I don't think you guys would care.
Why stop there? After we're done, we could make Lake Placid vs Anaconda: In Space!

Here's a list of demands:

  1. Make Lake Placid vs Anaconda 2
  2. Bring back Yancy Butler and Robert Englund
  3. Bring back Crystal Allen and David Hasselhoff 
  4. Release it on the Syfy Channel
  5. Release it on DVD with an added 8 seconds of boobs

And for you guys who didn't know there was sequels to Lake Placid and Anaconda let alone 9 films total... Here's a few videos to catch you all up:

This is a very important petition, please take it seriously. Together we can make a difference... Share this thing like the flesh eating virus from Cabin Fever.

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