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Sony please let us change country in our PSN Account

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Dear Sony Playstation,

We live in a Globalized world, in the last 3 years I have lived in 3 different countries, however everytime I move using my PSN account becomes a Nightmare, because I can't change my PSN account region.

Every other gaming service like Steam, Xbox, GOG,iStore or Google play will let you do this easily, but after 10 years of PSN this is still not implemented.

The main problem with this situation is that the only solution given by Sony is to create a new account, which means losing all your Trophies, also everything you bought with one account stays in the other account so you will have to manage multiple accounts just to keep what you have bought.

The situation would not be so bad if it wasn't because you can't pay games or services if you don't have a credit card from the country your account is linked to or a PayPal from the same country as your account.

This is where all the problems start, once you move country you may keep your cards or accounts for a 1 year or 2, but after that your financial links with your last country are basically gone and you find yourself trying to buy through internet and shady places, PSN or Topping cards from the country of your account.

I firmly believe that this is not acceptable and is a practice set in stone age, Sony Playstation PSN needs to get on with the times, the excuse used about this being related to regional licences seems shady considering any other service will let you do that and speaks more about the quality of the Playstation Network Technology.

For all these reasons I request that Sony implements a way for people to change the country of their account at least once every 6 months.


Angelo Nigro.

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