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Sony Pictures: Cast Brett Dalton As Nathan Drake In "Uncharted" Adaptation!

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"Uncharted" is a game series that many gamers across the world have grown to love and appreciate and helps show that video games can be art. Uncharted is a series that revolves around adventurer/treasure hunter, Nathan Drake and his pals, Sully and Elena. The game series' plot is very engaging with it's clever dialogue, intriguing story, and beloved characters. 

A film adaptation of the first game, "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" has been in production for MANY years, if you ask anybody who has played the games, they will tell you that the games themselves are extremely cinematic in their presentation and would be perfect to do a film series for! If a film is done right, it could introduce people across the world who have never played the games to a franchise they will come to adore, and possibly if the film is done right, could have one of the catchiest themes from any film. Just listen to the "Uncharted" theme below and you will be blown away by the sense of adventure the song itself gives you.

Uncharted Theme Music

So, I have been beating around the bush for a bit, let me try to speed things up to get to the point of this petition.

The "Uncharted" movie has been in the hands of many writers and directors, and we had a release date and everything seemed to be going fine...until one year later and there was still no update on the film. That was, until recently, a writer was announced for the film, Joe Carnahan, who, the day of being hired put on twitter:

"Fans of the "UNCHARTED" series.

Breathe easy friends.

I promise.

I got this one."

and a day later he put out another tweet saying:

"I wanna get with @Naughty_Dog & make sure we line things up creatively on "Uncharted". Hugely important to me. Gotta make creators happy."

The writer of this film seems to have restored hope in the fans who have been anxiously waiting for the adaptation to come into fruition, and fans want the right person to play our main character: Nathan Drake.

On twitter, a hashtag has been rising called "#BrettForNate" where us fans have been clamoring and tweeting about wanting the "Agents Of Shield" actor Brett Dalton to play the character. Brett has even expressed interest in playing the role, so, Sony, the fans want it, the star wants it, and we want our voices heard. Brett Dalton not only looks nearly identical to the main character but also has very many similarities, basically Brett Dalton will be to Nathan Drake what Ryan Reynolds was to Deadpool, or what Robert Downey Jr was to Iron Man, Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool, Robert Downey Jr. IS Iron Man. 

Sony, the fans have been constantly tweeting, constantly talking, and will not stop until Brett Dalton plays one of the most popular video game characters, we want this adaptation done right, it could SAVE the genre of films based on games and could be the first critically-acclaimed video game to film adaptation, a modern day Indiana Jones.

PLEASE sign this petition, even if you haven't played the games, even if you don't like video games, you could end up falling in love with the world and characters of Uncharted just as much as us gamers do. 


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