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Sony, make the PS4 backwards compatible with a patch update

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Not only is backwards compatibility a MUST for the next generation of consoles (PS5), but with what we currently know about PS2 emulation on the PS4, Sony needs to give us a patch that allows everyone to play all their physical PS2 discs on a PS4 console right NOW. It makes me sick to think that we all could have been playing our old PS2 discs on the PS4 since launch day. Sony should be ashamed of themselves for keeping this feature locked. Sony, stop ripping off your loyal customers with PS Now subscriptions and stop charging us for PS2 games we already own. Unlock the PS4 to allow PS2 emulation and make all future consoles (PS5) backwards compatible with ALL older physical disc games (PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4). But for now, we at least deserve a PS4 patch update that allows us to play PS2 physical discs on our PS4 console. Sony, show your loyal customers the respect and gratitude they deserve for buying your past consoles and game discs over the past 23+ years. Make backwards compatibility an added feature on all future consoles (PS5).

For now, playing PS3, PS2 and PS1 games without owning multiple old consoles is virtually impossible unless you're lucky enough to find an older, WORKING fat PS3 backwards compatible model, which are pretty rare to come by without the YLOD... The big problem with owning one of those is not only finding one, but paying to fix them, not if, but when they eventually die, simply because the thermal paste Sony used was so cheap that it eventually dries up and causes the system to think it's overheating, or get the YLOD. Why couldn't Sony have made a newer PS3 model with quality thermal paste and backwards compatibilty for PS2/PS1 games? The Slim still overheats and is not backwards compatible. Keeping older Sony consoles working, especially the PS3, is a major issue here. If Sony doesn't want to make their current or next gen consoles backwards compatible, then at least make a modern backwards compatible PS3 model with actual quality thermal paste that doesn't overheat. I find it very ironic that Sony's early PS3 fat model was backwards compatible, but later "updated" versions like the Slim were not. Seems like Sony knew exactly what they were doing by removing the backwards compatibility feature in the later PS3 models. They clearly realized they could make more money by re-selling people the games they already owned with their $99 a year PS Now and $15 digital PS2 titles in the PS Store. This is not the way to treat your customers, many of whom have stayed loyal since the mid 90's. Give consumers an option for playing their old PS1, PS2 and PS3 discs on a single console. Right now, if you want to play PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 discs, and unless you're lucky enough to own a rare working backwards compatible fat PS3, then you'll need to own a MINIMUM of 3 SEPARATE SONY CONSOLES (a working PS2, a working PS3 and a PS4) just to play the discs you already own. Not exactly convenient for the Sony consumer, but then again, why would Sony care when they can make even more money re-selling us the old games we already own? If it wasn't bad enough that we have to pay $60 a year just to play online with PS Plus, on top of that they also expect you to pay another $99 a year to play old games on PS Now. It's pretty obvious why Sony doesn't want to give us backwards compatibility. If you pay for a PS Now subscription, then you're part of the problem. Stop giving Sony even more money for the old disc games we already own. If a petition won't get their attention, then maybe not buying their PS Now will send them a message. Stop allowing Sony to get away with these shady business tactics. Boycott PS Now and demand backwards compatibility on all future consoles.

Need more proof that backwards compatibilty is possible on the PS4? Here are a few videos giving further details: 

Hackers Just Made The PS4 Compatible With PS2 Games:

Proof that PS4 CAN be made backwards compatible:


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