Seperate Playstation Network and Online Store for South Asia(Pakistan,India,etc)

Seperate Playstation Network and Online Store for South Asia(Pakistan,India,etc)

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Ahmad Jk started this petition to SONY and

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Gaming and South Asia

Videogames have evolved a lot. Like some 15 years ago,people looked at boys (and girls,) who played games as spoiled teens with bent postures sitting all day,staring at pixelated colourful screens,like they were some degenerates.

Today it's not the case anymore. Parents no longer criticize their children like that. To cut to the point,where did this change come from? Well commonly such change of POV takes place by two main scenarios,in case of gaming: 

  1. A person earned fame by gaming.
  2. He/she earns money by gaming.

Let's take the example of Arslan Ash who won the EVO 2019,as he conqured the world of Tekken with his extra-ordinary skills and the speed of his fingers Or the forgotten Syed Summail Hussain  who won the Dota 2 championship at the age of 15 with passion and his skills. They were praised for days on both mainstream and social media. This changed the POV of alot of peole towrads gaming. 

Similarly there are streamers and not just Pakistan,but India and Bangla Desh too.

Playstation 4: The Main Hub of Gaming

PS4 is the undisputed champ of gaming consoles of this and soon to be last generation. In India,there are atlest 8 Million console owners* and the mojority is PS4. Similarly there are expected to be more than one million PS4 Owners in Pakistan. This makes South Asia as one of the biggest markets for gaming. But there are some problems why these number are low,comparing to Western countries. And that is the whole point of this article.

Problem With Gaming In South Asia

 Now the main problem is,there no official store for Sony Playstation in India and Pakistan. Nor are there any servers for games. But that's something that can be avoided. The real problem is,that Sony doesn't count these 10+ Million players as their customer,why do I say that? Because there is not an option on the Playstation Network to choose your country as India or Pakistan. But if you choose Europe,there are options for countries like Luxembourg and such names that even my Geography teacher won't remember them. So what do Gamers do than? They choose either US or Uk region account. One GBP(British Pound)  costs Rs. 203 at this moment and USD is Rs.154. So when ever someone has to buy a game(actually nobody does that because they become so expensive that) or a Playstation Plus subscription or anyother thing like that,he/she has to buy a gift card and then he will have what he wants. This hindrance needs to be eliminated.

Not only that this makes things way too expensive but people try to avoid such sources of gaming. 30% of the people just dont buy it because its too expensive,more expensive than Sony wants it to be. But if there was a seperate region option like,there is for UK and USA,then only this news that Sony is offcially launching Playstation in South Asia,will bring hundreds of thousands of new players. A game that costs Rs.8000 on launch will only cost 5500 to 6000. People will buy more digital than physical because it's going to be cheaper that way,when there is some off on PS Store.


The solution to this problem is pretty simple for Sony. All they have to do is to make a seperate Playstation Network for South Asian region,which includes a separate online store,official import of Sony Playstation to South Asia,cheaper games and services. 

Not only this will benifit gamers in this regionn but at the end of the day,it is going to be a profitable for Sony it self.

What we have to do now is two things:

  1. Sign and spread this petetions as much as possible 
  2. Send as much emails as possible to sony

Write as much e-mails as possible

Sign this petetion,stand with me,tell all your friends about it,share it everywhere.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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