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PlayStation TV whitelist hack on 3.60? There's an app for that!

Jarrah White

Jul 30, 2016 — It is almost one year on since Mr.Gas's whitelist hack helped the PlayStation TV unleash it's true potential. Unfortunately, Sony responded to this by releasing firmware updates 3.55, 3.57 and most recently 3.60. And as all of you who have subscribed to this petition know, those updates prevented players from installing the whitelist hack and disabled it if they installed new games or DLC after updating the firmware. Sony has still not answered our cries for 100% Vita compatibility on the PlayStation TV. But for now it seems we have the next best thing: a new Whitelist hack has been released.

Yesterday, a Japanese Homebrew Enabling software called HENkaku was released online and can be used for free. The software is only compatible with firmware 3.60 and can be downloaded via the PlayStation Vita or PSTV's internet browser app. While I have not yet had the opportunity to test this software, it basically allows you to install various emulators for retro games and even create your own changes to the Vita's software, like setting up custom bubbles in the Live Area.

Of particular interest is it's own version of the Whitelist hack. As was the case with Mr.Gas's whitelist hack, you need to download the exploit files to your PC and there is a whole list of steps you need to do when installing it. A Wololo user, PixelButts, posted the following tutorial in the website's forum, which can be originally found here:


The procedure is quite simple.

What you will need
-HENkaku (
-The whitelist file (
-app.db (if you choose this method there is a guide to patch it. Use the above one if you don't want to modify the app.db)

1) Install HENkaku, the method is quite simple but in case you need a visual method you can view this: (Dont let the errors worry you. They will be fixed soon enough.)

2) Open the newly made Molecular Shell bubble and start an FTP session (hit select)

3) Take the "list_launch_vita.dat" and place it on the desktop (easy access)

4) Open FileZilla and connect to the PSTV (the IP to connect to and the port are displayed on the screen)

5) Navigate to "ur0:game\launch\" in filezilla

6) Drag and drop the "list_launch_vita.dat" over to the PSTV and overwrite it (feel free to back up the "list_launch_vita.dat" currently on the system and put it somewhere safe if you feel the need to)

7) Close the FTP session on the PSTV (circle - or X depending on where you are)

8) Insert your game card of choice that is not PSTV compatible without the whitelist

9) Play the game


Alternatively, this time round there is an easier way to do it. There is now an app called Vita TV Whitelister. Which does exactly what it's title says. You download it, install it through HENkaku, run it and you're in business.

Needless to say this is beneficial to a lot of PlayStation TV users. Mr.Gas's whitelist hack can only be used on firmware up to 3.52. But many new games require 3.55 to even install. This 3.60 whitelist hack should enable Vita fans to freely play new games on and still be able to play blacklisted Vita games on the one microconsole.

But this new exploit is not without its flaws. Unlike Mr.Gas's version of the hack, the HENkaku Whitelist hack deactivates whenever you power off the console and needs to be reinstalled every time you turn it back on. Some might treat that as a minor inconvenience but I'm sure that it may become annoying to some. At least it should be easier with the app.

However, if you're like me and you've purchased some of your blacklisted Vita games as digital downloads from the PlayStation Network Store, this option might not be for you. Some have reported that the HENkaku Whitelist hack only works for physical Vita games, not digital games.** As I have not yet used HENkaku myself, I cannot confirm that yet. Mr.Gas's whitelist hack worked for both physical and digital blacklisted Vita games.

**UPDATE: A clarification from earlier. As this this is the same whitelist hack from before, albeit installed differently, it turns out the only digital games that won't load are those that didn't load in the first place. The games that will not load are as follows:
Actual Sunlight
Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax
Doodle Kingdom
Fat Princess: Piece of Cake
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1
Invokers Tournament
Invizimals: The Resistance
Medieval Defenders
Muppets Movie Adventures
Murasaki Baby
Project Root
Run Sackboy Run
Tetris Ultimate
little big planet

Readers are offered these links for more information.

Hopefully the flaws listed above will be ironed out. The only thing of serious concern is how Sony will react to this hack. They released 3.55 just six days after Mr.Gas released his version of the whitelist hack. Will they try to patch up HENkaku as well? Maybe they'll get the message this time? Doubtful, but we can only hope.

For now, while it may not work for digital releases of blacklisted games and need reinstalling after every power up, the HENkaku should give PSTV users the chance to play whatever physical Vita game they want and no longer be locked out of the PlayStation Network.

A special shout out goes to Théo Lamcilak in France for bringing this new Whitelist hack to my attention.

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