Sony: Reverse Your Policies on Game Censorship

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Ever Since 2018. Sony Interactive Entertainment (formerly known as Sony Computer Entertainment) began censoring a couple of games made in japan that were known for their sexually suggestive material (Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal, Omega Labyrinth Z, and Super Neptunia RPG). While I don't personally play these games, I just don't see enough physical evidence that proves these titles have negatively impacted society. If their predecessors weren't causing issues before, neither should these games as well.

Blaming recent controversial movements such as #MeToo and #GamerGate are not (personally to me) good excuses to justify this new policy. And since these titles were Niche and not well known in the Mainstream Gaming Community before, I just don't see the point in censoring games that never caused outrage in the First Place.

While I understand these Policies could be due to Japan wanting to maintain a Positive Reception in light of the 2020 Olympics, or Sony wanting to avoid controversy in the West. There is again no point in continuing this policy since no innocent person was harmed as a result of the products being on either store shelves or on the PlayStation Store. 

As for you Sony: I've been a Long-Time fan of PlayStation since PS2, and I continue to be playing your amazing exclusive games on your current system "PlayStation 4" (Uncharted 4, God Of War, Spider-Man, The Last Of Us, Infamous Second Son, and Until Dawn). And It would really disappoint me if you choose to resume these policies towards the developers of these games, and the Niche but dedicated audience going into your next-generation system. Some of them are planning to boycott it as a Result of this, and It really breaks my heart seeing this happen.

Sony. I don't know if you'll ever get this or even care to read, But please take to consideration about how PlayStation itself was so successful. And I'll tell you this as a long time fan. The Diversity and Variety of games that we've seen on your platforms is something unmatched by other consoles, and I hope that this will continue going into PS5. 

So Please, don't touch or meddle with these games. Let Parents and the ESRB decide what is and isn't suitable for Children, Be more clear about Parental Controls, and never let the current political landscape influence your decisions. (And this is coming from a Liberal who loves to get away from Politics after hearing about it too much nowadays)

I am not being unreasonable with any of my requests, I only ask that you return to the Pre-2018 policies that were originally seen on the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. 

Thank you for listening, and I hope you'll have a change of heart as a result of this. 

P.S - Make PS5 Backwards Compatible with PS1-PS3 Games Please.