Remaster Twisted Metal PlayStation Classics

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Currently, Sony possesses the rights for the Twisted Metal video game franchise. If there's ever a chance to remaster the first Twisted Metal games on PS1, Sony needs to be convinced it's worth it, at least for Twisted Metal 1 and 2 as this is the first thought for the majority of the fan base. When Twisted Metal is brought up as a topic for any conversation between two or people, usually the first thought that comes to mind is Twisted Metal 2 as this was the face of the franchise that we all know and love.

If the remaster of the first two games proved successful, then it's also worth mentioning that Twisted Metal: Black should also be considered remaster as well as it was the most successful vehicular combat game of all time on the PS2. A sequel to Black was in development, called Twisted Metal Black: Harbor City, which included third-person control of Sweetooth's character out of his vehicle and a bunch of other new features. Unfortunately, this game was cancelled because of the majority of its development team allegedly died in a plane crash but this was later suspected to be false. The real reasons for its cancellation are unknown. This most likely would have had the franchise dramatically grow in popularity and a remaster might have already been made if this tragedy didn't commence. 

We asked for a Crash Bandicoot remaster, we got it! We asked for a Spyro the Dragon remaster, we got it! Now fans are wanting a remaster for the first two Twisted Metal games that were originally released on PlayStation and Windows on PC at the least. Why will it work? Because it's successful just like the two franchises mentioned above. Twisted Metal 2 is one of the most successful vehicular combat game of all time. If that doesn't deserve a remaster then I don't know what does.

Twisted Metal was a part of most of our childhood for the kids that grew up in the 90's. Crash and Spyro were originally created in the 90's and these targeted the same audience and have proved to be a commercial success due to the perfect slap from nostalgia.

New Twisted Metal games were created but didn't succeed nowhere near as well as the classics. Because of this failed attempt, it's known that fans are now hoping for a remaster of the games were a big part of their lives.

If the original Twisted Metal games on PS1 were remastered, they should be designed exactly how they were to retain the native features, modes and game-play as much as possible to the very least.:

Single player
Same characters
Same levels
Same game modes
Same weapons and character specific special weapons
Same unlockables and secrets within levels
The infamous laugh from Sweetooth
Same character stories and ending
Split Screen (local multiplayer)
First-person view for Twisted Metal 1

Additional features wouldn't be required but just a possibility and worth noting as they would definitely draw in more attention because the gaming world as drastically evolved since over 20 years ago. These features would draw in more attention. This includes but not limited to all of the following:

Possible Additional Features

Ability to toggle between original and new soundtrack of levels and themes (this was incorporated into the Spyro the Dragon remaster and is a huge fan request for the Crash Bandicoot remaster)

Online Multiplayer (online is the current era of gaming so this would be heavily sought out. We could even have multiple online modes such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, last man standing/battle royale, capture the flag, etc.

Customize vehicles (stats of the vehicles shouldn't change, these would be more cosmetic such as tires, rims, body paint, body work, license plates, maybe even color/decoration adjustments to the character special weapons)

Allow Minion to be a full unlockable character in Twisted Metal (this was possible through Gameshark but wasn't fully functional and only worked a fraction of the time)

Allow Darktooth to be a full unlockable player in Twisted Metal 2 (this was possible through Gameshark but wasn't fully functional and only worked a fraction of the time)

Possible new levels that were based on planned unfinished content from the originals

Maybe even level expansion of original levels

Add first-person view for Twisted Metal 2

The demand is definitely there, it just doesn't have hope yet to be confident enough to sound their voice. Sign this petition and let's make this happen!

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If you have any logical suggestions for the features and game-play of these games, please share below! I'm actively monitoring this petition to make frequent updates. Let's do this.If you wouldn't agree to sign this petition in its current form, please comment as to why you don't agree and to provide feedback as to what you'd like modified so that the content of the petition is satisfactory to you and the majority of the native Twisted Metal audience.