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Please accept Phil Spencer's offer for intergrading Cross-Play between PS and Xbox.

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My name is Ty, and I am a very ardent gamer. I have been playing video games for the majority of my life, ever since my brother introduced me to a game that has found a special place in my heart, Halo, and my many fond memories of blowing up screaming headless kamikazes in Serious Sam. 

As some of you may know, a few years ago Sony was interested in the idea of cross-play, not only between the Play Station and PC, which I believe Sony still does to this day, but also between Play Station and Xbox. Unfortunately, the head of Xbox at the time was not fond of the idea, and had declined the offer Sony had made. It seems as though the table has turned, and the new head of Xbox is pushing Xbox in the right direction, a direction which should have been taken all along. In turn, it was Microsoft that had asked Sony for a chance for their two consoles to implement Cross-Platforming between Play Station and Xbox. Now, history sure likes to repeat itself, as Sony declined the offer.

Now, some of you may ask, "What is Cross-Platforming?"

Cross-Platforming is the act of joining two or more different gaming platforms online services, allowing people from the different platforms to play together.

Now why may I ask is this so important? Imagine two best friends, they both are very avid gamers. But the problem is one friend purchased an Xbox One, and the other a Play Station 4. The two both prefer their consoles from the other, and all the games they are basically the same, aside from a few exclusives here and there. With cross-platforming, the two friends would be able to strengthen their friendship, as they both would be able to play the same game together, on different platforms! 

Not only would it bring their friendship closer together, but it would bring the gaming community AS A WHOLE, TOGETHER!

So I ask everybody to drop the silly console war, set aside our differences, and band together as one awesome community! I believe Cross-Platforming to be one of the many bright futures of gaming, and I ask of your help to share this message!

Sony, please consider re-considering Xbox's reconsideration of Cross-Play between Play Station, and Xbox.


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