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Make "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" a Movie

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Recently there has been tension between Sony and Marvel regarding the film rights to the character of Spider-Man so therefore there have been numerous incarnations of him, each with their own large fan bases and with the critically acclaimed 'Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions' being considered by many to be the greatest Spider-Man video game of recent memory, the movie would already have a humongous fan base, would settle the corporate conflict and would be a guaranteed box office smash!

This movie would also appeal to many fans of the popular Spider-Man Multiverse as we could all finally see numerous Spider-Men in one revolutionary motion picture!

The concept of this film captured my attention when I saw a video on YouTube, posted by POTTERANDMATRIXFAN and titled 'Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions (FAN-MADE) MOVIE Trailer' that has had universal acclaim by everyone who has watched it and I would highly recommend that anyone reading this watch it also. After watching it came to my attention that this fantastic concept for a blockbuster is not only ground-breaking but possible as Sony currently has the rights to the Spider-Man Trilogy, The Amazing Spider-Man series and the upcoming 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' motion picture as it is a Sony/Marvel collaboration.

In the video that I previously mentioned, the creator left a description of his concept for this idea that I and many others believed to be a promising premise that read:

"The Goblin (Dane Dehaan) finds a way to open portals into other worlds, but in doing so he shatters reality apart, making the several worlds collide - getting the perfect opportunity to take down every Spider-Man there ever was. Four of these worlds collide into one. Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) teams up with him, while the Spectacular Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) finds out there's more than just one Spider-Man. In an attempt to take down the Goblins, he searches for his counter-parts, the Ultimate Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield), the Amazing Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and the sensational Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire if he'd kept the black suit). Now the four Spider-Men are forced to fight together before all of reality breaks down."

Obviously there are problems with this plot such as the villains and an unclear timeline but I hope that this summary gives you an idea of what we're going for. The production of this movie would also not only be a miracle for the viewers but also the people involved in the project as Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have both publicly stated how devastating it was when they found out that they could no longer portray the web-slinger on screen and Maguire even recently stated that he wanted to return as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

So come on, true believers, sign up, spread the word and let's make the monumental movie happen!

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