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Give Piko Utatane a V4 Update

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Vocaloid is a program developed by Yamaha, used to create synthesized vocal tracks. There are many voicebanks used with the Vocaloid software, one of them being Piko Utatane. Piko Utatane was created by Sony, and based off of the Japanese singer Piko. Piko is a pop singer and vocaloid producer, who has a very wide vocal range, which is reflected by the Vocaloid made from his voice. Piko Utatane was made for the second generation of vocaloid software, V2, and could only be imported up to V3, which are both outdated and very difficult to find. He has also been discontinued, and Sony will not issue any new product keys. Some people would still like to purchase and use Piko, but cannot because he can no longer be purchased and used. This is a problem for some people because there are not many Vocaloid voicebanks with such a wide vocal range, and only a few Vocaloid voicebanks  with a similar voice. The solution to the problem would be to record a Piko Utatane voicebank compatible with Vocaloid 4 or Vocaloid 5, and release it for Vocaloid producers to use. 

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