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For Spider-Man to stay in the MCU, and otherwise we'll boycott the Venom movie

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No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. After one imperfect (Tobey Maguire), and one awful (Andrew Garfield) interpretation of the character, Spider-Man is finally home in the MCU. Tom Holland played him brilliantly in Civil War, and is set to be the best Spidey yet. But sources say that following the development of the Venom movie, Spider-Man may retire from the MCU after Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, and Sony will make their own universe with him fighting already established villains like Venom, Silver Sable and Black Cat from their own solo movies. NO! After two relatively failed attempts at truly capturing the character's magic, we finally got the adaptation of Spidey that we deserve. AND NOW THEY'RE POSSIBLY PLANNING TO LEAVE EARLY BECAUSE SONY GENUINELY THINKS THAT THEY LEARNED FROM THEIR MISTAKES WITHOUT MARVEL'S HELP??!! Those Sony executives can go screw themselves if they're planning to commit such a war crime. NO! Spidey stays where Spidey belongs! They can establish their own seperate Spidey universe as LONG AS SPIDEY STAYS IN THE MCU! I am setting up this petition to have as many of you as possible to urgently make sure Sony doesn't do it. Or else, we will boycott the Venom movie. We will buy 0 tickets, we will not go to see it, nor any of their Black Cat or Silver Sable solo movies if they're planning to take Spider-Man out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So Sony, if you still want us to respect ye and still want us to pay to see your movies (the Spider-Man villain films), THEN KEEP SPIDEY IN THE MCU WHERE HE BELONGS AND ESTABLISH YOUR OWN UNIVERSE SEPARATE OF IT AT THE SAME TIME, BUT STILL ALLOW FOR SPIDER-MAN TO STAY WHERE HE BELONGS WHILE YE ALSO GO YE'RE OWN WAY WITH HIM AT THE SAME TIME! Because IF ye plan on taking him out of the MCU after Homecoming's sequel, we will boycott the Venom movie, we will boycott the Black Cat movie, we will boycott the Silver Sable movie, we will boycott all your movies in general including The Emoji Movie, if ye plan on doing this to our beloved Spidey!

I am setting up this petition with a maximum of 100,000 votes to convince Sony NOT TO MAKE such a decision, or else THEY WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES! Trust me, IT'S MORE TROUBLE THAN IT'S WORTH!!


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