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We, fans of CID serial, are really perplexed and totally confused about why in the last 6 months Sony is making deliberate and willful attempts to kill and finish its most popular prime time TV serial “CID” which has been on top of the popularity charts of Sony for the last 18 years.

Preparing such a popular base for such a long time with a massive audience fan base which includes elderly people, adults and children of all ages is a very difficult thing which CID has been able to do with aplomb.This is something that any channel which has invested heavily in the brand would be proud of but for reasons which we are not able to comprehend, but the treatment Sony is meting out to CID is unexplainable and illogical as it is damaging its own property which no sane company would do. This is being done by Sony by changing the days and time of telecast abruptly without informing anyone and now instead of being telecast on Friday-Saturday-Sundays at 10 pm, CID is being telecast on Saturday-Sunday at 10:30 pm which is way beyond the sleeping time of the very young children who are the biggest fans of CID. These changes have been made without informing anyone or any pre publicity on the channel and newspapers and that too after suddenly and abruptly without any announcement stopping telecast of CID for one month without giving any reason or informing anyone.

On many occasions, the episode of CID has suddenly not been telecast and some other program is telecast in its place due to which we get frustrated and are never sure about when we will be able to see the next episode of our favorite serial. The channel for reasons known to itself is deliberately refraining from promoting CID on its own channel and whereas earlier, the promos of the episodes going to be telecast were repeatedly screened in the prime time shows preceding the screening of the episode. For the last 3-4 months, no promos are being telecast and with the episode telecast being pulled off at the last minute number of times, we fans are not even aware as to whether there will be a telecast of the serial or not besides keeping us in the dark about what is going to be telecast in the episode and instead of promos of CID, we are forced to watch again and again the same boring promos of any new show being promoted by Sony.

Sony should realize that promoting new shows is good but ignoring your main strength and most popular program is a suicidal policy as proved by the premature death of most of the new shows while CID keeps shining even in its 18th year with better and better episodes which it is doing despite being ignored and put on the backburner by Sony.Moreover though at one time CID re-runs were being telecasted everyday, nowadays even the new episodes are repeated at the most inconvenient time ie 7 to 9 am on sunday when everyone is sleeping and thereby putting another firewall in CID fans desires to see CID which is a deliberate and wilfull move to finish CID.

I am sure that if Sony gets over this self defeating attitude and pays attention and does proper promotion of CID, it will benefit the channel as right now, the channels is at no 5 or 6 in the list of the most popular channels and if this kind of discrimination continues, it will not be long before we loyal fans of CID leave watching Sony for such gross ill treatment of our favorite show which is being treated as unwanted by the channel.

We have been big fans of Sony and hope and pray that the channel has the good sense to realize that you cannot cut your nose to spite your face and you must enrich your main assets to ensure the success and prosperity of your channel. Please do justice with CID and oblige. 

Thanking you

Loyal CID Fans

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