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Add Logitech and Fanatec wheel support to PS4.

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Edit: This petition has been edited to include Fanatec wheels as well as Logitech.

So many true racing game fans own a Logitech wheel for use with such games because they make the best wheels out there. We have become accustomed to using those wheels with racing games and going back to playing one with just a normal controller is next to pointless if we want a legitimate feeling experience. Also there are many other gamers who in much the same way have grown accustomed to using Fanatec wheels with their racing titles.

The next gen consoles provide the potential for even more immersive racing/driving experiences which excited us all during the lead up to their releases but now we are in a situation where Sony have yet to add Logitech wheel support to the PS4 after the PS3 was the only console to have such support and Fanatec wheels are not yet supported either. As time goes on Sony have remained silent on the subject despite the release of 2 racing games that would suit the Logitech/Fanatec wheels down to the ground: DriveClub and Project Cars. 

Edit: The Project Cars developers have since released a list of supported wheels for each platform which can be found here...

As you can see both the Logitech and Fanatec wheels are to be supported on PC. That coupled with the desire expressed by the DriveClub developers to be able to support all brands of wheels proves that the decision whether to support these peripherals is in Sony's court as the console manufacturer and not down to the game developers. They clearly want to support all the available wheels but are held back from doing so when it comes to the Sony platforms.

Update: To back up the above assumption one of our supporters has sent us an email response he received from Logitech Netherlands concerning the G27 (translated using Google translate). It states, and I quote...

"The wheel works with HID drivers which can be found on the PS3 console port, so we expect the same driver implementation on the current successor. It's on the game console developers (Sony) to check their driver support will provide for external wheel controllers, or to work in a timely manner."

Update: It has been brought to my attention by one of our supporters that a "chip" has been brought into play that is licensed by Sony allowing them to regulate which accessories/peripherals are authenticated for use on the PS4. This is to stop the situation that occurred on PS3 where companies were designing controllers etc that looked like official controllers but didn't perform as well causing people to contact Sony directly about them. This way Sony can make sure that only the best brands of accessories are allowed to function with the PS4 to retain it's high standard. This also means that although the Logitech and Fanatec wheels are not currently authenticated for use with the PS4 it would be easy enough for Sony to add support for them with a simple driver update.

This just proves further that the ball is in Sony's court, there is no passing the buck to game developers or Logitech themselves. It also goes to show that the fact Logitech are no longer making new peripherals for consoles does not mean that they are dropping support for their current accessories. It should be easy and cheap to add support for their existing products into the PS4 architecture and Logitech are not stopping Sony from doing so.

Again going by the above Project Cars link Sony seem to only be supporting wheels provided by Thrustmaster hinting at the possibility of a deal between the 2 companies. This is the only remaining possible explanation for the PS4's lack of wheel support for other brands. This must seem to them to be of financial benefit but will prove to be the opposite for those of us who already own wheels that will not be supported, not to mention the inferiority of Thrustmaster when compared to Logitech and Fanatec. Sony seem to be well aware of the importance of keeping their customer base happy so we hope they will realise the negative impact this restriction could have on their currently great reputation. With that being said it could even back fire for them financially because as you can see from the comments on this very petition, there are many gamers out there that would dearly love to purchase a PS4 but have decided against it due to the lack of wheel support. That is of course a huge shame because the console is so excellent in every other way.

We don't want to have to buy a new wheel, especially as it will never be as good as the ones we currently own. We don't want to be left with a very expensive but ultimately useless piece of leather and plastic that is very difficult to sell due to its sudden lack of support. Thus I implore you to show Sony how important it is to us that we are able to use our high quality wheels on the PS4 to get the most out of the games they are working so hard on. We ask Sony to continue their so far impressive gamer focused approach by implementing this change, and hence winning over a lot of potential new customers as well as pleasing all of us long term loyal fans. Please sign the petition...

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