4:3 Anamorphic mode update in a6500/a6300 and other mirrorless cameras

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The Sony Alpha series mirrorless cameras have been instrumental in the democratization of filmmaking with the s-log profiles on offer with the a6500/a6300 and other mirrorless line of cameras, aps-c and full frame. This has enabled a lot of young filmmakers to step their game up and concentrate their creative energy and resources towards the craft than the gear.  

Now with this market opening up, a lot of vintage glasses have been making their way through amongst the indie filmmaking community in a bid to achieve signature cinematic looks for their low budget productions and leading the charge are the anamorphic projection lenses/adapters. 

But with most of these quintessentially cinematic lenses being 2x anamorphic, using them on a 16x9 sensor yields a very impractical aspect ratio of 3.55:1

There is a solution of chopping the sides in the post, but with it, goes the characteristic anomalies that are a signature of such lenses. The perfect solution to this is introducing a mode which shoots in a ratio that is practical - 4:3 anamorphic mode.

Like the top of the line cinema cameras, a lot of smaller cameras have adopted to this mode. But Sony users are still clueless as to why this is not made available. Especially when no change in hardware is required. It would be unfair for a lot of users to upgrade to an all new camera only for an update that could be rolled out in months. This would be a massive boost to the thriving Sony filmmakers community. 
And I start this petition, in hopes to find likeminded filmmakers who may bring this issue to Sony's attention so that they can continue to roll out products that are not only relevant but also immensely empowering to indie filmmakers.

Anamorphics for the win.