Demanding an apology from Kuwaiti social media influencer, Sondos Alqattan

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This petition has been created to demand an apology from Instagram social media influencer, Sondos Alqattan, following her insulting video, where she was critical of the new laws protecting Filipino Overseas Workers in Kuwait.

In the original video, she complained that Filipinos were to be given a day off work each week as part of their employment terms as household workers. She also went on to complain that she didn’t believe it was right that Filipino workers would be able to retain their own passports whilst being employed as a domestic helper. 

I believe that she has caused a great deal of upset and anger to Filipinos throughout the world, this is unacceptable. 

I am also today calling on the Kuwaiti Government to take appropriate action against this blogger, as I believe that her video and sentiments may be detrimental to other Filipinos working in Kuwait.

I also believe that her outrageous sentiments and statements on social media in no way represent the vast majority of the Kuwaiti people. Furthermore, I believe she is giving the country and other Kuwaiti citizens a bad name and reputation as a unsuitable destination for other Filipinos workers to work in. 

I therefore demand an apology from this lady for the offence she has caused.