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Hello let me introduce myself my name is John Dobranski I am the president of the Brampton Girls Softball Association based out of Brampton Ontario. As we all know, COVID-19 has had a major impact on all of our softball lives. Some of us have had to make changes to the way we play the game as well some of us have had to cancel our seasons. This in my opinion, is not only frustrating but down right unfair. The girls that play this game are losing a season of softball, which is already a short career.  By losing a season because of a nasty virus, just seems wrong for so many that have put in so much time playing and practicing for a game they love.

I writing to all of you, after thinking about this for some time.  Maybe it is time to take a close look at changing the ages to match those played in the US. This would also include size of ball and pitching distances for all age groups. This would help give the girls a chance to stay in the age group they are in now and not have to lose a year. This would put us in line to compete when our teams go outside of Canada to play.

I understand that some of you will wonder what happens to the girls that are in third year U19 now.  Unfortunately, this means the third year midget ladies will not be eligible to play their third year in midget for 2021.  But they will have the opportunity to play and help grow our Senior Women’s division if they choose.

It is unfortunate that this age group will be affected, but by changing the ages, it helps the other divisions become stronger….especially our U10 and U12’s who are the future of this sport.

I am looking to collect as many signatures (electronically) as I can across Canada so the petition can be presented to Softball Canada and hopefully it will be voted on by Softball Canada this summer.

This is the time to do it, for the betterment of our game and development of our girls.

Please send this to all your parents/players and ask them to sign the petition at the link below.  Remember the chance to get this done can only happen if we collect as many signatures as we can get.

If we do not try then we will never know.  We need to show Softball Canada that this is an important topic to all of us not just a few.