Oppose the unholy resurrection of Snatch Wars!!!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

Peace, peace, I believe majority of the Reddit users are aware of the recent "Bring back Snatch Wars" petition started by a special snowflake that had failed miserably to find joy in both "Try Line" and "United Front" events. 

Let me ask y'all a question, do you want to go through the agony, the suffering of Snatch Wars again? The unbearable pain as you watch despicable hackers sweeping through your tiles in a snap of fingers, rendering all your efforts obsolete and resources wasted whilst you can only watch in silence and despair. Certainly not everyone wants to experience such pain again.

Here's another fact about Snatch Wars, it instill hatred and animosity among guilds, there are no such thing as happiness or fun in Snatch Wars ( perhaps only hackers or whales can feel that ) as opposed to exaggerated claims that serve no purpose other than sugarcoating the notorious Snatch Wars. In fact, it distinctly widens the gap of P2W and F2P, with the former gaining an edge in these particular ops against the latter.

In contrast, Try Line, the better, bigger, more exultant guild ops where real synergy between guild members comes into play as we coordinate with each other to overcome stages and work together towards the goal to farm for supplies and points, isn't it peaceful this way instead of being pit against others? ( with possibility of facing hackers ). THIS IS THE SOLE PURPOSE OF GUILD! Furthermore, resources are plentiful, available to be harvested.

United Front had been the event with the highest popularity among players with generous amount of resources, a unique gameplay and so much more to offer. Why do we want such a BORING, HATE-INDUCING and GRIEF-STRICKEN event called Snatch Wars in place of a much more fruitful events?

Let all of voices be heard in the form of petition, let us all voice out what we really desire, let us all voice out as clamorous as we can to oppose the resurrection of Snatch Wars!!!