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Removal of "The Sun" and "Daily Mail" from Snapchat

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Currently the popular social media platform "Snapchat" has a mixture of online platforms, TV channels and more traditional print media outlets which are integrated into every users account to allow daily stories and highlights. Some examples of these are The Economist, Buzzfeed, Vice, Food Network, Sky Sports as well as others. Generally these will provide short news stories or videos from their parent sites for Snapchat users to view daily. 

However, amongst these are the British tabloid newspapers The Sun and The Daily Mail, known for spreading hateful messages - often in regards to world news, refugees, asylum seekers and politics - and promoting the shaming of females and celebrities in all aspects of life. 

While people can choose to avoid these newspapers in print, which has been shown in a recent decline in readership, promotion on a platform such as Snapchat which has a huge usage by young people creates the idea that these stories are ok. At the time of writing this Daily Mail's top promoted story is Kendall Jenner with a blemish on her face being circled in red talking about her acne problems! Universal access on a platform such as Snapchat means that these stories are in your face without 'permission' or from personally searching them out. 

On top of this the promotion of these also leads to Snapchat seemingly promoting the very hateful messages these publications have been known to hold. Successful efforts have been made to stop advertisers such as Lego from advertising in The Sun and a similar approach is suggested here. A boycott of the stories by Snapchat users and a push for the removal of the publishers from the platform is wanted and needed. 









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