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Help us get our streak back

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There is a hole in my heart. I speak on behalf of the upset population of people who stood by my side as we lost our snapchat streaks just yesterday, May 13th. Friday the 13th. I'm looking to get back my streaks. Every individual on this planet knows just how precious a streak can be. It all starts when you hit 3 days, you're on fire. The streak soars and climbs to 50, 100 (receiving an emoji), higher and higher giving you rushes so copious in adrenaline that you feel you're going to implode. Just yesterday, I returned home from a long, exhausting day at school (as usual). However, my weariness was unlike normal days, because I typically lay down to take a nap for a couple hours, and instead I slept through the night. During the 17 hours that I slept, the unthinkable happened. Boy would I have a surprise for myself when I woke up. After waking up, surprised that I was still alive, I eagerly went to open the snapchats my friends had sent me. My jaw dropped as I gazed at the sight before me. My 230 day streak, the longest streak I had possession of? Gone. 95 days, just 5 days away from 100? Also gone. The eight others that I lost still hit me hard, they had not grown and still had so much ahead of them. I feel as though I have taken the lives of 10 innocent people who were near and dear to my heart. What I ask for is return of at least 3 of these streaks, with @vivi_teixeira, @tanaygg, and @izzylicata44, who had come so far. I am now being shamed, shunned, and laughed at for losing all of these streaks. But is it my fault? Or did Snapchat, a company, a fun enjoyable app that I once loved, play a Friday the 13th trick on me, and let me lose all my streaks. For this, I am irate. Until I get these back, I will not settle. I need all of your help in the process. Just 15 minutes ago I sent teamsnapchat a message asking to get them back, and I was left on opened, with no response. Therefore it is evident you all must help me out here, we need a bigger crowd. Please, sign my petition and help me achieve happiness once again in my life. I hope you will support me, I know there are many others out there who have been in my same position. Thank you

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