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Get Old Snapchat Back

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Recently, Snapchat came out with a new update. With this new update you cannot rewatch someone's story. You  get one chance to see someone's post & that's it. Also, anyone that isn't following you back won't show up in the left panel, they show up in the discover page. And chatting with people is complicated, the page doesn’t go in chronological order and it’s all shuffled, I’ll see someone at the top of the list when the last time they posted was three hours ago. To see your profile you have to tap on a circle that’s next to the search bar and that’s the only way for you to be able to see your story. And when you send a snap to someone the list of people looks quite ridiculous. But my main concern about this update is the stories and snapchat notifications both put onto one panel. Snapchat had plenty of problems before this update, it looked perfectly fine before with the two panels. One being where you saw your notifications and messages, the other being where you saw everyone’s story in order from newest to oldest. The goal of this is to get the old snapchat back. Snapchat truly has downgraded with this update making it more confusing, unorganized, and crammed. At Snapchat headquarters you guys probably think this is just the intiall reaction and that once people get used to it they’ll accept it. But I doubt that’s the case, this is way too confusing and ugly for people to just accept as is. I know people (including myself) who are deleting Snapchat and switching to Instagram stories because they can’t function with this update. Everyone dislikes - some more than others - this update, it would just be best if you stopped with all the updates and broughy it back to how it was before. Hopefully you will take this petition into consideration and bring back old snap.  

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