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Sign! For a better CrossFire NA! #WakeUpZ8

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Hello Dear CrossFire Staffs..

We are really be tired for CFNA problems..Why?Now, look at down..

-2012 first VIP released and CrossFire changing category.Free2Play>Pay2play.

-Now all accounts banned from XIGNCODE.For NOTHING..Yes for nothing beacuse XC have wrong working..Please fix it XIGNCODE!


-2014 starting new clan website and finishing 1 years..(Only clan page and just visual changes).

-Ingame problems with players..(Ranked hackers,racist players)

-Unnecessary servers..(+5 UK  / + 6 NA Server)..Maybe good idea MIDDLE EAST Server?Or other servers..

-Servers every week after patch problems..Disconnect - lag problems..

-Event prizes every time little and late giving..

And now 7 years all CrossFire players farming..Not problem.But this year GM's watching farmers for ban..For want win more money and spending time..


We want better CrossFireNA..Please Wake UP Z8Games!Please Wake UP SmileGate..

#CFMasterZ Community  


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