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The people of Victoria welcomed the 2014 – 2018 Andrews government mandate of making Victoria ‘The Education State’. Music Education was generously funded during this period through, $2M for Professional Learning, $1M for musical instrument purchases, countless new music rooms were built (or currently being built), the Quality Music Education Framework and the VCAA Music Education Guide  were published and Music Education Industry partners are funded through the DET Strategic Partnerships Program for 2018 – 20 . 

The people of Victoria highly value Music Education, and we the undersigned believe that every child, in every school deserve a continuous, sequential and developmental Music Education, which is delivered by an expertly trained music specialist during a weekly protected one hour session.  The research demonstrates that those who study within an engaging music program benefit from higher outcomes in numeracy and literacy, emotional health and engagement to school. 

As we now move into 2018, we look towards the November 2018 Victorian Election, we call upon any newly elected government to maintain and support the work achieved so far, and fund the next level of implementation of the recommendations published in the Victorian Inquiry into the Extent, Benefits and Potential of Music Education 2013.   


To achieve equity of access, quality music teaching and relevant and sustainable programs, any newly elected Victorian government funding focus of the Inquiry implementation, needs to be directed toward the following recommendations:

STRATEGY: Chapter 4 

Recommendation 4: Developing a new Victorian Strategy for School Music Education (p77)

Fund the development of a Statewide Music Education Strategy;

1.     Install a suitably tertiary qualified Music Education specialist as Director to the Music Subject Leadership Unit at DET in an ONGOING role to oversee the Statewide Music Education Improvement implementation.

2.     Install under this Unit, Secondary Instrumental Music Coordination teams in all 4 regions of Victoria.

3.     Provide consistency, funding, accountability and support structures through these leaders

4.     Continue to fund ongoing and self-selected Professional development through this leadership structure to rural and regional areas.

5.     Fund a promotion plan for music education; Recommendation 5 (p.78).

TERTIARY SECTOR: CHAPTER 5 – Supporting Victorian teachers to deliver Music Education

Encourage breadth and depth in teacher education for long term, rich transformational change in Music Education. 

1.     Encourage the Music Education Leadership Unit at Treasury place to work with Universities to provide optional music education courses for pre service primary classroom music specialists, special needs educators with a major in music, a masters degree for transition to a music specialist or IMT role, and other preservice teacher training as negotiated with the universities; Recommendations 7, 8.

2.     Continue to fund AMUSE, Kodaly, Musical Futures and Orff associations to deliver diverse Professional Learning in their pedagogical approaches to Music Education; Recommendation 9.



Fund the STRENTHENING of the SIMP in Victorian schools by: 

1.     Fund and instigate the inquiry Recommendation 17: Review the base school model for employing instrumental music teachers (p.142)

2.     Install and fund a suitably tertiary qualified music specialist as director on an ongoing basis, to the Music Subject leadership Unit at DET to oversee the Statewide SIMP, with provision for;

a.     providing principals with support to hire suitable instrumental trained teachers. 

b.     Completing data base of Music staff to connect graduate Instrumental teachers with mentors. 

c.     Developing a set of criteria for DET regions to use in allocating SIMP funding

d.     Using the model outlined under ‘STRATEGY’ to provide Coordinators with the capacity to ensure the funding allocated to SIMP is used appropriately against the Music line item in the SRP.

e.     Providing accountability structures for principals on the appropriate implementation of the VIT PTT policy, ensuring that all SIMP staff are remunerated as ‘classroom teachers’ according to the Act 2006.


The three specific funding structures outlined above would provide equity of access for those in rural and regional centres.


1.     continue the build of ‘community hubs’ where music and performing arts buildings can be best used both by schools and by community groups will only assist in building Victoria.

2.     Work actively at COAG to influence the Federal government to adopt Music as a compulsory specialist subject for all students from Early years education – Year 8.

3.     Work actively with AITSL to ensure that Music Education is adequately regulated to a high standard. 

Skills delivery to young people wishing to enter an Australian $1.2 billion Music Industry needs a continuous, sequential and developmental approach for graduates to succeed on the global stage:  “Live music injects over $1.2 billion into the Australian economy annually, and the broader Australian entertainment sector is valued at $ 3 billion.”

As we move towards hearing about election announcements, we welcome any vision around ensuring Music is a key focus, supported by The Education State white paper  and the Victorian Inquiry into the Extent, Benefits and Potential of Music Education (2013).

Once again we appreciate the critical contribution to Music Education announced in the previous Victorian Andrews’ government budgets and call upon any and all newly elected candidates to continue the work for the benefit of the next generation of Victorians.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!