A Call To Restore The Beauty Of The Bay

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The Philippines is known for its humble people and multiple tourist spots. In every corner of this country is a hidden natural beauty. Have you ever been to Philippines? or Have you ever visited the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)? Every time you go to this airport, you will be pass by the huge globe that flashes different advertisements which was owned by the well-known largest mall in the Philippines, the SM Mall of Asia. Beside this holds a mini amusement park and a beautiful bay where you can watch the sunset. A lot of tourist loves to stop over just to watch the sunset and listen to the bands performing beside this.

The SM By the Bay is among the developments of SM Prime Holdings. It was opened to the public on December 18, 2011, situated along Manila Bay. It holds over 17 rides, including the Mall of Asia Eye. No wonder, it ranks on TripAdvisor as number 1 in the Water & Amusement parks in Pasay.

But on the other side of this beauty comes tons of trash left by the people who visited the place. When you look around, you'll see used plastic bottles, plastic bags, trash from chips, paper bags, and even bags and shoes. Why is this allowed to happen?

There happens to be an inadequate number of garbage bins in the bay area. The available trash bins in this long stretch is unable to accommodate the garbage given that a lot of people come here daily. However, this doesn’t mean that people can just throw their garbage anywhere. This garbage problem can be attributed to the lack of discipline of the people who come here.
Cleanups of the area happens but only when an event is coming when it should always be cleaned. Since the affected area is beside the vicinity of the SM Mall of Asia Bay Area Amusement Park, we request them that they take over and maintain the beauty of the seaside. This is to help the promotion and improve the state of the area.

Specifically, here are the things that we request to be done on the area:

Regular Cleaning

To restore the beauty of SM By the Bay, coastal cleanup must gain recognition and support from SM Mall Of Asia. Since SM by the Bay is under SM Mall Of Asia, we are urging the SM Prime Holdings to remove the trash from coast area by having a regular coastal cleanup once a week.

Addition of Trash Bins

Since there are lot of restaurants and food stalls located at SM By the Bay, we advise the SM Prime Holdings to provide more trash bins in order to avoid throwing trash in coast area.


People think that they are allowed to put their trash on coast area anytime that’s why SM Prime Holdings must provide a signage to raise awareness that trash must be dispose properly.

Fine to those who’ll get caught

A lot of people remained undisciplined in proper garbage disposal and most of them are people who are strolling around the SM By the Bay. SM Prime Holdings must start to impose penalties against those people who will be caught throwing their trash in coast area.