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Feature channels by female performers and hosts

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Every morning I do drop-off with my three-year-old daughter goes the same way. We've just left her brother's school and she wants to listen to music on the short drive. I turn on the radio and she asks, "Is that lady music?" by which she means, "Is that a woman singing?"

We have SiriusXM, so I have access to hundreds of channels. It's only a ten-minute drive and we spend most of it flipping through those channels. We are often quite disappointed. 

Upon reviewing the channel list, it appears SiriusXM has 24 channels dedicated to male singers/performers or a particular male host (not including the voluminous sports stations). They have ONE channel described as airing female hosts, SiriusXMStars, which features Ellen DeGeneres, Jenny McCarthy, and Dr. Laura, among "others". So, these ladies don't even get their own channel. They have to share.

There is something called the "Venus" channel, but it's not clear what it has to do with women. It does air some songs by women, but just as often, it's solely men or duets.

This says nothing about the programming choices for channels not devoted to a particular artist or host.

With female artists like Beyonce, who has just as many Grammys as Bruce Springsteen (Channel 20 and 20 Grammys); Alison Kraus who has the second most Grammys of anyone (shared with Quincy Jones), Aretha Franklin, who has 18 Grammys; Alicia Keys, who has 15 Grammys; and the Dixie Chicks, who have 13 (more than Willie Nelson - Channel 59 - who used to have TWO channels), it's unclear why SiriusXM's programming is so heavily dominated by men.

Looking at their comedy selections, they have 4 stations dedicated to men. Yet, many of the comedians most prominently featured in the media right now are women, e.g., Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Amy Schumer. 

Just take a look at that banner photo. It certainly seems like it's an exclusive club.

So, SiriusXM, how about you find a little balance and feature more female performers and hosts.

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