Approve simple device to drastically improve lives of Type 1 Diabetics

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Type 1 Diabetics from all walks of life from young children to the elderly struggle every hour of every day from the very moment we are diagnosed for the rest of our lives.

Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic life long condition in which the pancreas produces no insulin. Insulin is the hormone our body needs to break down everything we eat or drink in order to allow sugar and carbohydrates to enter the body's cells to produce energy for our bodies to function. Without Insulin glucose builds up in a Diabetics body and causes serious complications and damage.

Type 1 Diabetes cannot currently be cured unless you are one of the minute number of people who are given a Pancreas or Islet transplant due to severe complications as your Pancreas is damaged and cannot produce insulin any longer meaning we have to manually calculate the correct dosage of Insulin to inject ourselves with numerous times every day in order to break down every morsel of food we eat. It is absolutely critical we can measure our blood glucose throughout the day every day in order to enable us to manually and accurately calculate the insulin dosage to use at that point in the day/night. The only way we can complete this awful task is by piercing our own skin every time we need to test our blood which is approximately 10-12 times per day and night... and could be classed as self harm as we have to prick and pierce our own skin (sometimes numerous times as our skin is so damaged from the continual impact) which is painful, embarrassing and a constant depressing reminder of our debilitating conduction.

Diabetes and treatment aims to keep your blood glucose levels as normal as possible and control your symptoms with careful management, healthy lifestyle and exercise to prevent/delay health problems developing later in life such as blindness, loss of limbs, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke and even death.

At long last a revolutionary small, simple, painless, easy device called the FreeStyle Libre has been developed to enable us Type 1 Diabetics to successfully and easily manage our own condition painlessly, privately, continually and cost effectively from home without having to damage and pierce our own skin numerous times per day every day and without needing constant ineffective, expensive, time consuming appointments with our GP (£45 per appointment) and eliminating/minimising additional HbA1c tests completed by additional NHS Health professionals (1,000,000 patients seen by NHS staff every 36 hours), reducing ineffective telephone calls to NHS 111 (£20 each call), each click onto the NHS choices website costs £0.46, and massively reducing emergency A&E visits (£124) and ultimately hospital admissions (19.7 million hospital admissions 16/17) which our NHS cannot cope with via emergency Ambulance call outs (£247 each one).

When Type 1 Diabetics purchase these life changing/saving sensors privately and directly from Abbott they cost £48 (using our Disabled VAT ememprion option) meaning the NHS will pay far less resulting in a small cost difference between us having to use painful finger lancets plus blood test sticks or the amazing CGM alternative and surely we are worth more than a few pence in cost saving.  

The Freestyle Libre has been available for 1 year now on prescription since November 2017 and NICE have published guidelines for suitability. The Freestyle Libre is so effective you no doubt have seen that even our Prime Minster Theresa May wears hers with pride. 

But only 71% of our 207 UK CCG's (Clinical Commissioning Groups) are prescribing these life changing sensors, 29% of the CCG’s are currently discriminating by still not funding these clever, simple, life enhancing and cost effective devices for all of their suitable patients dependant totally upon post-code..... Why & how is this allowed to happen in the UK today ???