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Inuka lived all these years in captivity entertaining the crowd. He spent most of his life in solitary confinement in a place which is not his natural habitat. The zoo pulled enough crowd and revenue and he contributed enough with his lonely life in the cage. He is not suffering from any life threatening sickness, he is not seriously wounded, he is not carrying any deadly disease, he is not in coma and he is not on life support. He is simply aging. Do we advocate euthanasia on humans when they age to relieve them from the age related pains like arthritis? Why we are imposing euthanasia on Inuka when he deserves a natural and honourable death? Are we imposing our authority since he is just an animal who is placed under our custody? It is not Inuka’s fault if it is a commercial burden to maintain him. We took the responsibility to produce him in captivity. And he lived all alone all these while. We have the responsibility to take care of him in his old age. He has been your son and an icon for the zoo. Will you put your son to death simply because he is old now. Please rethink the decision if this petition garners more than 1000 signatures. Thank you for your mercy! Thank you for honouring INUKA.

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