Take disciplinary and legal action against Shahiraa Alkaff for bullying a student

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Shahiraa Alkaff and many of her friends at Singapore's Assumption Pathway School recently came under fire for bullying a special needs student in the school bathroom. A Snapchat video became viral across social media depicting Shahiraa and her friends repeatedly slamming a toilet seat on the student's head, as well as poking and hitting the student with a toilet brush, even in the genitalia region, which could be considered sexual harassment as well as physical harassment. In light of the viral video, Shahiraa initially deleted her Instagram account to run away from her accusers and then had her cousin defend her disgusting actions with Islam, claiming that the deliberate act of bullying was simply a "mistake" that Allah would forgive. Shahiraa then issued a series of apologies that were not only general and unspecific, but were also obviously insincere, as observed by many witnesses on Facebook. (Later update: her Facebook profile cannot be found now, either.)

I believe that the administration of a school of many students from different backgrounds and needs agree that the bullying of a student because of their physical traits that they have no control over is horrible behavior that should not be fostered in our future generation. As the world becomes increasingly tolerant of differences within each other and begins to view others as equal human beings, the demonstration that ableist bigotry still exists in the year 2018 is sickening.

Therefore, we implore the APS school administration and the Singapore Police Force to exercise their authority and aid the student in taking disciplinary and legal action against Shahiraa and her collaborators for the undeserved assault. Not only would this bring justice to the innocent special needs student, but this would also teach Shahiraa, her friends, the rest of APS, and even the world that in this age, people will not stand for the bullying of anyone and that doing so would result in serious consequences. This act that inflicted trauma on a student who is already at a higher risk of being prejudiced against by others is not something that one would only get a slap on the wrist and a warning for doing so. The fact that this incident is gaining traction worldwide in countries that do not know much about Singapore is also tarnishing the reputation of the entire country and its people. Please, convince these people in charge to use the authority vested in them to right the wrongs done and make just one less child afraid of the world and fewer family, friends, and other concerned people having fears of something that should not be existing in the first place.

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