Ban PMDs in Singapore. Keep our people safe!

Ban PMDs in Singapore. Keep our people safe!

7 May 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Upset Singaporean

The Singapore Government must understand that PMDs are a menace on our pavements, and is a constant threat to our society.

Please make your voice heard during this election year!

Do you know:

  1. A total of 228 accidents involving personal mobility device (PMD) were reported in 2017 & 2018 and of these 228 cases, 196 of them reported injuries.
  2. There are about 3 accidents a week involving PMD users.
  3. A hit by an e-scooter travelling at 15kmh packs a wallop of about 9 times that of an average person’s punch. As the body falls, the head will hit the ground at a speed of 15kmh or even higher - that is equal to 1.5 or two tonnes of force. This could result in very serious head injuries such as loss of consciousness, skull fracture, haemorrhage, and tissue damage.

This is a sampling of accidents that have happened:

  1. In March 2018, a 45-year-old woman had to undergo brain surgery after she was hit by an e-scooter as she stepped off an overhead bridge. Part of her skull was removed.
  2. In April 2018, a 24-year-old e-scooter rider was arrested after crashing into an 11-year-old girl from behind. She lost 2 teeth and needed to have her jaw and gums realigned.
  3. In Sept 2016, a 19-year-old electric scooter rider collided into a pedestrian, leaving her with brain injuries and in a coma. The lady requires physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy and now has language impairment and poor working memory.

This is the attitude your MPs have towards the vulnerable members of our society:

"Ms Lee asked what advice the LTA could give pedestrians, such as the elderly or children, who might be particularly vulnerable to speeding PMDs.

Dr Lam said pedestrians should be alert to the presence of PMD users while riders should stay within the speed limit and slow down when approaching crowds."

Please DO NOT forget about our Singaporeans who are hearing impaired, visually impaired, young, elderly or less than mobile!




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Signatures: 18,940Next Goal: 25,000
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