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Sack Chris Chibnall from the position of Doctor Who showrunner

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Chris Chibnall's writing for Doctor Who and Torchwood has generally been of poor quality. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was silly, The Power of Three lacked a proper resolution, and the Torchwood episodes Cyberwoman and Countryside were nauseatingly dreadful.

Casting the Doctor as a woman is a meaningless gimmick that will do nothing to improve women's life. Women have been treated badly for many reasons, but never because a fictional alien was a man. This kind of tokenism is actively harmful, by encouraging people to applaud empty gestures rather than seek real solutions in injustice.

Women have always been well-represented on Doctor Who, since the character with whom the audience is encouraged to identify is usually a woman. The Doctor, an intelligent man who avoids violence and treats women with respect is the best male role model on television, and his example of how to be a good man is too valuable to lose.

This is not a zero-sum game. It should be possible to create great female characters without taking away the best male one. However, as this still from Torchwood shows, Chris Chibnall is not the right man to do that.

It is clear that Chris Chibnall is not the best person to lead the production of Doctor Who, and a better candidate must be found before production of the next season commences. Jodie Whittaker, who deserves better than to be used as a gimmick, should be given a leaning role in another show, where she is not burdened with the baggage of stunt casting, and the role of the 13th Doctor should be recast.

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