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Australian Sports Commission: Please recognise that Skateboarding needs its own National Governing Organization, independent from Roller Skating and all other sports.

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Currently Skateboarding in Australia is governed by Skate Australia, a body that governs rollerskating sports; Artistic Rollerskating, Roller Derby, Speed Skating, and Inline hockey.

We are petitioning for the Australian Sports Commission to recognise that Skateboarding needs its own National Governing Organization that's sole interest is skateboarding, and is independent to all other sports.

Presently decisions regarding skateboarding governance and distribution of allocated Government funds are made by Skate Australia.

Skateboarding receives around half of the allocated Australian Sports Commision funding to Skate Australia, based on Skate Australia’s discretion. This is severely disproportionate.
There are approximately 1300 free to use public skateboard parks in Australia compared to 30 privately operated roller-skating rinks.

Skateboarding in Australia has a thriving industry of hard and soft good manufacturers, event organisers, distributors, skatepark builders, media providers, sponsored riders and retailers.

Skateboarding and its industry supports the wellbeing of thousands of Australians, yet major decisions and funding allocations are made by a board who’s interests lie in rollerskating.

Archery, Badminton and Bocce are sports that the Australian Sporting Commision fund and recognise as being deserving of their own Organisations.

Australia is a world leader in Skateboarding. It has likely more skateparks per capita than any other country, and has some of the best skateboarders in the world. 

The climate dictates Australia should have its own National Governing Organisation for Skateboarding independent from all other sports.

On the 23rd July Skate Australia released a statement cancelling its Nike sponsored National Skateboard Amateur Series, despite the completion of six qualifiers. There were two qualifiers and a final to go.

The widely advertised contests prize for the champion was $10,000 and all expenses trip to the largest amateur contest in the world, The "Tampa Am", in Florida with the Australian Champion seeded into the competition. Many skaters travelled to qualify at the first six qualifiers all over the country.

Skaters were left with hotel and travel bills for the cancelled contests. Qualified skaters wasted time and money travelling to qualifiers. Skaters vying for the trip to Tampa were left with no final result, no grand prize, no completed National Series, no official Australian Champion, and no official Australian representative at the Tampa am.

On the other hand Skate Australia’s roller-skate sports will not only have their 2014 National Championships, but field Australian teams for multiple disciplines of Artistic Rollerskating and Inline Roller Hockey at the 2014 World Championships in Europe. Artistic Roller Skating and inline skating teams were also sent to events in Korea and New Zealand in 2014.

Skateboarding in Australia does not get a completed National Series on home soil.

Under Skate Australia, skateboardings large participation rate and subsequent funding, is continually being leveraged to rollerskating sports with relatively minimal participation.

We call for a National Governing Sports Organisation that’s sole interest is skateboarding.

We ask the Australian Sporting Commision to recognise Skateboardings need for a stand alone National Governing Organisation independent from all other sports.

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