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Government needs to reinstate funding and Centrelink payments for Arts Diploma Students

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On January 1st, 2018, the Federal Government cut all student assistance and funding to Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in Dance, Acting and Musical Theatre. These courses have been subject to this cut simply because of it apparently only being a hobby and not a viable career path.

Thousands of students go through life and decide that they will follow their passion in the Arts, including myself, my family and friends. These people are the colour in society, the people who tend to add life and culture into our everyday lives. I don't believe people understand how much the Arts contributes and how much we take it for granted. Could you imagine, in a few years time, no longer being able to see a film with an Australian actor; no longer being able to see your favourite Musical when it comes to Australia (you'll have to travel to London or New York in order to see anything of the sort); no longer having the opportunity to build cultural diversity through storytelling. These people are the main carriers of the stories we love to hear and want to tell.

I, myself, am enrolled in a full-time diploma course in Musical Theatre for 2018. When I enrolled in 2017 we were not, nor was the organisation I'm enrolled with, informed of these upcoming changes that has now left me and my friends without the costs available to pave our ways through this course or this industry. Not everyone gets into a Bachelor course, not everyone wants to do a Bachelor course. The Government needs to understand that a community without creativity leaves a community without it's soul. So many people will be left unemployed and passionless as they pursue jobs they don't desire to do.

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