Make abortion more accessible and funded for the Women of New Zealand

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At the moment it is too difficult for the Women of New Zealand to have access to abortion. 

In New Zealand, the standard price of an abortion is $1100 for a New Zealand citizen.

The Abortion laws at the moment are 

Women have to get two doctors to finalise the decision
They have to prove that the baby will negatively affect mothers life/health

We believe women should be allowed to be able to choose to have an abortion without having to prove that the baby will be a harm to them, they should have to only see one doctor who is specialised in order to approve the abortion, a Councillor should be available to the mother and people impacted (father, family of the affected) and All abortions should be allowed if pregnancy is under 14 weeks.

Abortion should be fully funded for New Zealand Women 

It's the female's body therefore it should be their right to decide if they want to have a child or not. We are all girls so we are passionate about the rights of women and their bodies.